Friday, March 22, 2013

H2O LA LA! A new series by on “TV5 Monde” and “RTS un”

Water is life! The UN declared 2013 as the International Year of Water Cooperation. To highlight the issues involved, this new series of 95 x 3-minute clips addresses the challenges ahead through ten major themes, such as access to water, water conservation and the cycle of water, with the contributions from experts and scientists from all over the world. Lise Pedersen, a Euronews presenter, introduces each topic.

Water shortages, water-related conflicts, water pollution… The valuable and ever more scarce resource is a major issue for the future of mankind. Water is an essential commodity that presents challenges both universal and unique to certain regions or countries. From La Paz to the Maldives via Andalusia, Peru and Jordan, “H2O LA LA!” provides original insight into water-related issues around the world.

With a positive and constructive awareness-raising approach, this 95-part series provides an overview of the current situation and opens up new paths for sustainable solutions to water-related problems. Switzerland holds a special place in this regard, not only because of its privileged status as one of Europe’s main water reservoirs, but also because of the research and studies that are carried out on its territory.

“H2O LA LA!” hopes to trigger a thought process to address water-related issues globally. “Access to water”, “Water and health”, “The Right to Water”, “The Water Cycle” or “Oceans” are some of the 10 major generic topics of the series. All the series’ episodes feature on the new RTS platform, with further links and information, starting on World Water Day (March 22nd).

This new series is an RTS – coproduction, in partnership with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Fondation de Famille Sandoz.

Broadcast schedule
On Swiss TV from March 18th, every Monday to Friday on RTS Un at 18h05 and RTS Deux at 23h00 (CET)
On TV5 Monde from March 22nd, see TV5 Monde schedule

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