Friday, December 23, 2011

ORF3, the new information and culture channel of Austrian TV ORF, broadcasts on Astra digital satellite throughout Europe and on cable networks in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein.’s programmes on ORF3 each Thursday in the weekly TV show “Im Brennpunkt”.
January broadcast schedule (Swiss/Austrian times) :

Thursday, January 5th at 21h05
Something Going Bank and From Hell to Hope

Thursday, January 12th at 21h40
No Going Back?

Thursday, January 19th at 21h40
The State of the Planet 1 and 2

Viewing ORF3: Europe-wide via Astra 1H digital Satellite with a digital receiver. Transponder 115, polarisation horizontal, Downlink frequency: 12,66275 GHz


DEV.TV’S PROGRAMMES IN FRENCH ON “LA TELE”’s programmes on “La Télé”
December and January broadcast schedule (Swiss times) :

Monday, December 26th at 20h35
Tsunami: 5 years on

Thursday, December 29th at 20h35
World Challenge 1

Thursday, January 05th at 20h35
World Challenge 2

Saturday, January 07th at 20h35
Goma: After the Eruption

Thursday, January 12th at 20h35
World Challenge 3

Friday, January 13th at 20h35
Man vs Animal

Thursday, January 19th at 20h35
World Challenge 4’s team wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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