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Euronews “Reporter”

Uganda: choice not chance

Family planning has jumped at the top of the humanitarian agenda last July, when in a joint effort the Gates Foundation, the UK government and the UNFPA have launched a conference in London and a fundraising initiative aimed at collecting over 4 billion USD to deliver family planning where it is most needed: in sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia. and Euronews have launched an investigation in Uganda, where the unmet need for contraceptive is 41% and the fertility rate over 6 children per woman.

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Friday, September 7th at 09:15 - 14:45 - 19:45
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Swiss TV “Le Court du Jour”

Coopération Internationale: un métier

This series of 3-minute long portraits marks the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Switzerland’s admission to the UN by exploring the variety of trades in international cooperation. Each programme introduces a person who works in an international institution and speaks of his/her tasks.

Swiss TV broadcast schedule from September 10th to November 2nd (GMT):

From Monday to Friday on TSR1 at 16:05 and on TSR2 at approx. 21:00
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Euronews “Women and War”

Mother of Peace

Can there be hope in Somalia, one of the world’s failed states? « Mama Hawa » has never stopped believing in a brighter future for her country, and has dedicated her life to improving those of the most destitute. Hawa Aden is fighting above all to empower Somali women, whom she believes can really make a difference, to establish peace and development in her country. We meet her in Galkayo, Puntland, amid tension between government forces and pirate groups. Meet an outstanding woman, in this special edition of « Women and War ».

Euronews broadcast schedule (GMT):

Tuesday, September 18th at 18:45 - 23:45
Wednesday, September 19th at 03:15 - 08:45 - 13:15
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