Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Rinconada: Glacier Gold
So far, our documentary filmed in the highest gold mine in the world, in Peru, has been awarded 6 prizes at film festivals in Spain, Switzerland, Canada and France, the latest of which were won at the 19th Autrans International Film Festival “Mountain and Adventure”. This film was broadcast under the title ‘The slum at the summit’ by BBC World, BBC 1 and BBC News 24 in November 2004. To date, 23 channels have already broadcast ‘Rinconada’.

Sport and development

The year 2005 has been decreed ‘Year of Sport’ by the United Nations - or how sport can be used as a means of personal development and a vector of peace. During 2005, will produce several news items and a documentary on this subject.

Goma, the Democratic Republic of Congo
In November 2004 we filmed a documentary about the volcano Nyiragongo, which rises above the town of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The most recent eruption dates back to January 2002. Since then, Nyiragongo has been monitored daily by the Goma Volcanological Observatory, under the direction of the well-known Belgian volcanologist Jacques Durieux, and an alert and evacuation system has been put into operation in case of a new eruption.
The people of Goma live in a state of perpetual insecurity and the volcano is only one element amongt others. Inter-ethnic quarrels, rivalry between Rwanda and DRC, and soldiers left to their own devices - these factors aggravate the situation, which gets more and more tense daily.

Bam, Iran
We went to Bam a year after the earthquake which razed the town, caused 30,000 deaths and made 90,000 homeless.
After the initial wave of first aid and massive national and international aid, calm has returned to Bam. Too much calm, according to the inhabitants, who see their situation, initially described as provisional, dragging on. The survivors of this catastrophe are preparing to spend a second winter in tents or in corrugated metal containers. Of the 50,000 houses promised by the government only a few dozen have been built and reconstruction is progressing very slowly. The authorities claim that the priority has been placed upon community infrastructures and reconstruction will take place between 2005 and 2007. The NGOs have started to rebuild houses, after battling for months with Iranian officials to obtain building permits.

The money of AIDS
After Thailand, India and Mozambique, we have finished our investigation in the USA. Our 52-minute documentary will be out in February or March 2005.

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