Thursday, July 01, 2004

We’re still busy working and have been all summer!

The 6th of September our programme “Angola… waiting”, directed by Kristin Sellefyan, will be broadcast prime time on TV5. This will be followed by a debate. Both will be rebroadcast during the afternoon of Thursday 9th September.
After 30 years of war this investigation reveals the new peace-time situation in Angola, the unkept promises of the winners and the persecutions endured by the losers.
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Cotton, Africa, Europe, USA, WTO
The programme “The Cotton War”, which we are currently coproducing with Television Suisse Romande, will be ready mid September. This long investigation, which deals with the problem of the world cotton market, took place between June 2003 and July of this year. We visited five countries (Switzerland, Belgium, Mexico, the USA, Benin) and carried out more than forty interviews.
We show how ten million Africans watch their only source of revenue disappear as the price of cotton collapses on the world market, because of the massive subsidies granted to the American and European producers.
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We have begun yet another long investigation, this time about money and AIDS. Who pays who? How much? Why? Who benefits from it?
During the month of July we covered the Bangkok AIDS Conference.
At the beginning and end of the conference we also produced and distributed two news items which made the headlines of several hundred TV channels worldwide, including Switzerland. The TSR broadcast both items and extended the topic by inviting a specialist into the studio, who spoke about generic medecines.
At the beginning of September we will be filming in India in a factory which produces generic medecines for AIDS therapy, and conducting a series of interviews. Our investigation will then take us to the USA, Europe and Africa.
We hope that this programme will be ready for 1st December : World AIDS Day.
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The debat
Beyond our simple mission to inform, we also hope that our programmes give rise to debates. In this way we are grateful to TSR and TV5 for giving our subjects life after the broadcast.

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