Vision and mission

Activities produces news items and documentary features for broadcast by television companies worldwide.

Content specialises in human-interest programmes. Its aim is to promote independent analysis of humanitarian, human rights, health and environment and development issues.

Editorial quality

For all programmes intended for broadcast, maintains strict standards of editorial independence. Our success in placing these programmes attests to our emphasis on balance, factual accuracy and heeding the requirements of our editorially-independent broadcasters.

Expertise in documentaries, news and current affairs has a wealth of experience in news and current affairs production and distribution networks, and special expertise in delivering images by satellite. provides rapid news coverage via short news clips (max. 3') available to TV stations worldwide. However, most of our output is in a documentary format going into depth on development issues.

Network draws on an extensive network of independent experts to make its programmes and offer consulting and support services to outside organisations.’s network collaborators possess the skills to produce and distribute programmes of the highest quality, and are committed to the company’s mission and vision of promoting coverage of human interest and development issues. The network comprises experts in the following fields :

  • Cameramen
  • Directors
  • Journalists
  • Production specialists
  • Post-production specialists
  • Communications and PR specialists
  • Development
  • Humanitarian
  • Environment specialists



Marina Wutholen


Sandrine Menand


Salvatore Dardano

Active members:

Guillaume Cheneviere
President of the World Radio and Television Council, former director of Radio et Télévision Suisse Romande

Felix Bollmann

Manager of "La Chaîne du Bonheur" / "Swiss Solidarity" a humanitarian solidarity and fund-raising platform

Sylvie Aubrit

TV programme distributor

Alain Debos

International television producer and programme director

Ali Sbaï

Physicist, ITU

Sandrine Menand

Accounting manager

Bernard Robert-Charrue

journalist and director

Jacky Sanders

journalist and editor

Kristin Sellefyan

journalist and director

Marina Wutholen

Journalist, producer and administrator

Juliette Robert-Charrue

Subtitler and respeaker

Marc Schluessel

marketing specialist

Cédric Jacot-Guillarmod

marketing specialist

Tim Robert-Charrue

computer imaging technician

Patrick-Etienne Dimier


Henri Guareschi


Dominique Curchod

TV production and broadcasting consultant

Renaud de Watteville

communications agency director

Claude Belleau

former Head of the United Nations Volunteers, Geneva

Ariane Bonzon

journalist and director

Dominique Rappaz

cinema & television producer