Nurses on the Front Line - 4x22’ - English

January 2007

Nurses on the Front Line - 4x22’ - English
Each year millions of people die because they have no access to basic life saving interventions. In this new series we follow the inspiring work of four nurses from around the world and look at their country’s health crisis. We reveal how they cope.

Episode 1: Bolivia
Bolivia has the highest rate of maternal mortality in South America. In an attempt to lower the maternal mortality rate, our nurse Ana Maria Maldonado, is pressing for the introduction of skilled midwives who are culturally sensitive, to assist in rural home-births.

Episode 2: Indonesia
In Aceh the civil war claimed at least 15,000 lives. More than ten times that number died in the December 2004 tsunami. In this programme we see through the eyes of nurse Said Usman, in his renovated hospital, how the problems that medical staff face go beyond the immediate devastation of the tsunami.

Episode 3: Mozambique
Our nurse on the front line is Silva Chironda. In a country with few doctors, Silva by necessity is a ‘surgeon nurse’, better known in Mozambique as a “tecnico”. Week in week out Silva will carry out more surgery than the busiest consultant in the Western world. For many Mozambiquans, ‘tecnicos’ like Silva are their only hope.

Episode 4: Zambia
This programme tells the story of Inonge Mutemwa’s courageous stand against the stigma of being diagnosed HIV positive. Over one and a half million Zambians have been diagnosed HIV positive out of a population of 10 million. Yet those who admit to their status are often outcasts from society, shunned by friends and family, such is the fear and ignorance of the disease. As a result, many refuse to be tested.

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