Saudi Arabia Life: 4 x 5’ Arabic

December 2014
Saudi Arabia Life
A series about Saudi Arabia's challenges. Society, urbanism, environment... we discover a Kingdom between tradition and modernity.
Broadcast on Euronews.
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Addiriyah, Birthplace of a nation
Mud and straw mixed together to help create bricks which will restore the first capital of The Kingdom.

Wadi Hanifah, an Urban Oasis reborn
The dirty waters of the Wadi Hanifah are getting a makeover and its all thanks to the fish in ponds, oxygen, plants and birds. It’s a unique system called bio remediation.

Riyadh, a city for the future
Riyadh is a city that has mushroomed from 150,000 to five million people in just over 50 years but one thing remains constant bartering like at an auction in the old market antiques up for grabs.

Educating Riyadh
Saudi Arabia is experiencing an educational boom. In 40 years the student population has soared from 7,000 to around one million. In Riyadh, Prince Sultan University was the first private one to be run on a not-for-profit basis. As in other universities in the Kingdom, women share the same campus but are taught separately. They too study a range of subjects aimed at preparing them for the world of work.
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