The World Debate: 9 x 47’ English

April 2017 is an official producer of BBC World News’ flagship show “The World Debate”. Do aid and armies mix? The Green Economy: fad or facts? Will the real Africa stand up? Why is the world ignoring desertification? All these questions, and many more, were addressed in the debates produced by for BBC World News and moderated by Zeinab Badawi.

Will the real Africa stand up?
Broadcast on BBC World News and moderated by Zeinab Badawi.
With Kofi Annan Chair Africa Progress Panel, Linah Mohohlo Governor Central Bank of Botswana, Olesegun Obasanjo fromer President of Nigeria, Petina Gappah Author “An Elegy for Easterly”.
Is Africa its own worst enemy? Africa is rich in resources and investment opportunities. It has a vast land area, a small but rapidly growing population, a growing middle class and an untapped ‘bottom of the pyramid’ market. Africa’s potential and relative importance as a source of mineral and natural wealth is increasing. Just ask the many ‘new’ players coming to Africa; China’s trade with the continent has increased fifteenfold in the last decade.

Do Aid and Armies mix?
The World Debate moderated by Zeinab Badawi, broadcast on BBC World News
On the panel: Ambassador Tom McDonald, Former U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Major General Carlos Dos Santos Cruz, Force Commander, UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), H. E. Emilia Pires, Finance Minister Timor-Leste and Dr. Ashraf Ghani, Former Finance Minister Afghanistan

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    9 x 47'
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    Bali, Geneva, London
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