The Cotton War - 1x52’ - English

September 2004

The United States and Europe subsidise their cotton producers heavily (US subsidies alone came to USD 3.9 billion in 2001 and 2002), creating an imbalance in the international markets. This protectionism, which benefits 30,000 privileged farmers in the United States and Europe, threatens the livelihood of 10 million people in western and central Africa whose only resource is growing and exporting cotton. Four African countries have joined forces to launch an initiative at the heart of the WTO, attempting to put a stop to these hidden barriers to trade and the free exchange of products originating in developing countries. For the first time, emerging nations are using diplomatic means and the structures of the WTO to change the rules of international trade. In this era of globalisation, small countries are demanding that the rules of globalisation apply to everyone, and not just when the interests of developed countries are at stake.

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    Europe / Africa / North America /
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    Agriculture / Development / Economics / Technology /
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    Mexico, United States, Benin, and Switzerland