Women on War - 2x22’ - English

July 2011

The overwhelming majority of armed conflicts are started and led by men. Although women are rarely at the root of armed conflict, they systematically bear the brunt of its impact. Women’s voices are rarely heard in media coverage of war and conflict and when they are, the tendency is to focus on women as passive victims of fighting. The warring parties, to highlight their own losses or reveal the inhumanity of the ‘other side’, have often used this victimisation as a propaganda tool. 

Women On War cuts through the stereotypes to show how war really affects women.  Going to today’s war zones, we meet women who have experienced the reality of conflict at first hand.  Through their powerful testimonies, the series reveals the impact of war on women as individuals, and in their roles as mothers, partners, providers, activists, leaders and even fighters. 

Episode 1 : Guatemala & DRC
It is mainly men who wage war. But it is women who so often pay the price. They bear the brunt of the suffering conflict brings. The women we feature share a determination not to be forever victims of violence. In our first programme we go to Guatemala and the Democratic Republic of Congo and meet women who’ve survived prolonged and brutal conflicts.

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    Africa / Middle East / Central America /
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    Conflict / Development / Education / Environment / Economics / Health / Humanitarian / Natural disaster / Post-conflict / Refugees / Human rights / Nature / Politics / Violence /
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    DRC, Guatemala, Afghanistan, Nepal